Choosing the Right Horse Trailer to Fit Your Needs

Choosing the Right Horse Trailer
to Fit Your Needs


When it comes to choosing the right horse trailer that would be perfect for the horse, as well as for you; you should choose it wisely. How do you do that? Simple. Just spend a minute or two by reading this article, and you’ll know which type of trailer suits you best:

Choosing the Right Horse Trailer

There are three most common trailers you’ll see in town, whether you want a solo horse trailer, or want to up your game by buying a two-horse or three-horse trailer.


Here are the types:

Step-Up Trailers

These trailers are the most common horse trailers you may find in the market. Step-up trailers are ideal for loading the horse but when it comes to unloading it, that’s another story. These trailers can also make the horse vulnerable to slips and it can also leave it panicked if the horse doesn’t find the ground to land easily.


To eliminate that risk, it’s ideal to add a ramp to step-up trailers or avoid buying one in the first place. Be sure to buy a ramp that’s long rather than short, and has a non-slippery surface, offers a gradual slope and is assisted by springs.

Slant-Load Trailers

Slant-load trailers are one of the best horse trailers because they provide the horse to go inside and come outside head-on. This is because slant-load trailers have a much wider width than step-up trailers. Most horse trailer dealers like DoubleTake Trailer Sales offer up to 6.8 feet wide trailers and up to 7 feet tall ones too. With so much space inside, the horse also feels a lot easier to rest, turn around and go in and out quickly.

Straight-Load Trailers

If you’re looking to opt in two-horses in one trailer then straight-load trailer might be the ideal buy. These trailers allow the horse to extend their neck as they have a stall length of up to 8 feet. However, you won’t find stall length greater than that as Federal Law limits it to 8 ½ feet, which is why these might not be the trailers you’re looking for.

Tips Before Buying the Right Horse Trailer

If you’re looking for factory direct horse trailers such as calico ones, you should consult with a dealer that is authorized to sell such brands. DoubleTake Trailer Sales might be a good option if that’s what you’re after.


DoubleTake Trailer Sales offer one of the most reliable rates on horse trailers.


They also offer electric brakes on both axles (for added safety) and have standard 6.6 feet tall and 6 feet wide horse trailers as well as those that are ideal for drafts or taller horses too. But before buying the right trailer, you should take notice whether you’d need a tack room in your trailer or not.


If you do need it, you should know what kind of tack room, either with a solid wall or a swing wall would be a better option for you. We’d recommend choosing the solid wall tack room since it provides better weatherability. However, if you want a versatile tack room, then a swing wall would be a better choice.


That’s it! Now you know the very basics of buying the horse trailers. For more information, you can consult with DoubleTake Trailer Sales and you can also get a free quote from them to have a rough idea of how much the trailer would cost you.