7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Horse Trailer

7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Horse Trailer


One of the most important factors to consider when buying a horse trailer is safety. If your horse trailer is not worthy of the road, you could put both you and your horses in danger, not to mention everyone else on the road. Blown tires have resulted in the death of many horses, so do not cut corners when deciding whether your horse trailer is worthy of the road or not.



  1. Nature of horses


Horses are prairie creatures that are designed for life in open spaces. Horses are claustrophobic by nature, so more space, light and ventilation in the trailer, less stress on the horse and the facts are that most horses are very sensitive to dust and noxious gases. The horses are large and strong animals and the equipment you carry with them is heavy. Therefore, the design of the trailer must be able to withstand kicking, rough loading and even a fallen horse. When loading the horses make sure that they are driven in the trailer with straight load and tied forward. This is the direction in which you will travel comfortably.

  1. Security Ties


Make sure the trailer has proper safety loops, in the form of tie rings, chest bars, rods and dividers, you need to make sure the horse does not attempt to cause damage or escape while on the road. These must be firmly attached to the inside of the trailer, with no sharp edges prominent for the horse to be injured.



  1. Your needs


Lastly, do not forget to think about your own needs when buying a horse trailer. So, for example is the trailer going to be used for long journeys? Do you need it to include a costume for the shows? Do you need a crib to sleep? Is your current vehicle going to be able to easily pull the trailer? Is there room to store your computer too? Cargo trailers are different from horse trailers and so is their uses.



  1. Use of aluminum trailers


Aluminum has become very popular for use in the frame and body of horse trailers in recent years. Aluminum trailers tend to cost more in advance, but generally they maintain their value better over time than steel trailers. The main disadvantage of steel is weight, but since less steel is needed for strength than aluminum, a steel trailer can be compared very favorably to aluminum with respect to weight. The fact is that aluminum must be thicker than steel to be so strong, therefore, an all aluminum trailer is not always lighter than a trailer made of other material. Repairs to aluminum trailers can be more difficult because aluminum welding is more difficult than welding steel. So before selecting an aluminum trailer consider all the disadvantages.


  1. Need a gooseneck?


Goosenecks are usually larger trailers and can carry more weight. Goosenecks are also easier to maneuver and make backups. Gooseneck trailers offer excellent towing stability and easy maneuverability when towing or parking and come in 6′ or6’ 8 “wide models. Beloved for its stability in the road and soft ride. For more than two horses, a gooseneck is the best choice.


  1. Do you need a stronger vehicle?


Not all trailers fit with every vehicle, so it is best to check this out beforehand. The owners budget, the use of the trailer, the size of the trailer, the type of trailer and the towing vehicle to be used are all factors that must be addressed, and not particularly in this order. Buying a trailer that has more than two horses requires a sturdy trailer vehicle, so you will spend more money not just for the trailer, but for the truck needed to pull. There are more vehicle options for a tag-along trailer, which means there is also a better chance of choosing the wrong one. If the tow vehicle is properly graded and equipped with the proper hitch, a two-horse trailer with tag along the chain can be as safe as a gooseneck.


  1. Used or New Trailers

I prefer new trailers to used ones. However, this opinion can differ from people to people. There are many things to look for in buying used trailers and you will need the services of a specialist. With new trailers, you have nothing to worry about. Also see our other articles on horse trailers


These are some of the 7 things you need to have in mind while purchasing a new Trailer. You can visit websites like DoubleTakeTrailerSales to see more samples.