Manufacturers’ Tips for Choosing the Best Enclosed Trailer

There are hundreds of safety regulations that trailer manufacturers are required to comply with before their product leaves the plant. From the basics like proper lighting and reflective tape placement to ensuring safe and accurate hauling capacities, each and every cargo trailer must meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

Trailer Choices

Choosing the right enclosed trailer for the job is important to protect the cargo. Here are some tips and available options:

  • Steel trailers are heavier, while aluminum trailers are significantly lighter. Although aluminum trailers are more expensive initially, they generally have a higher resale value.
  • The more metal in the frame, the stronger the trailer is.
  • Brand reputation is essential. Choose a manufacturer that is established and will be around to meet warranty issues. Customer satisfaction is important.
  • Look for warranties that cover not only the trailer frame, but key components as well.


Under federal statutes, trailers are classified as motor vehicles. The trailer manufacturing industry is constantly dealing with legislation that specifically targets cars and trucks, and it is not uncommon for laws to be drafted that are not pertinent to the safe operation and manufacturing of cargo trailers. Industry experts work with legislators to create fair and pertinent safety guidelines and laws specifically for trailer manufacturers.


The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers is an organization that works with cargo and enclosed trailer dealers around the world through compliance and manufacturing process guidelines, and has a global membership of 750. All members are required to take part in the NATM’s Compliance Verification Program. Every two years, NATM compliance consultants visit manufacturers to ensure their manufacturing processes follow FMVSS guidelines. To ensure your trailer meets federal compliance standards, look for the NATM decal.

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